What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

What is Real Estate Wholesaling?  What terminology must you know?  How to calculate offers on deals before you make them?  We cover all these topics in this case study, along with an example of a deal and other great content!  We also go over how to present the information to your wholesale buyer.  If you don’t… continue reading »

Building relationships with lenders

Daniil Kleyman shared a link. Guys! Came across a video from my buddy Mark Evans Dm. 4 guys sitting on a yacht with a combined $100million+ in assets dropping a ton of awesome knowledge about private money, doing their first deal, scaling up, etc. There is a ton of killer info here. Watch this.

Wholesaling Rental Properties

One of the challenges investors face is finding properties to invest in. If you can provide them with properties that meet their investment criteria they will  buy properties wholesale from you and pay a nice premium if the properties are properly presented. If you don’t know how to run the numbers quickly and the MUST-KNOW… continue reading »

Is the Micro Fit Program a good fit for investors?

The microFIT program is for renewable energy projects of 10 kilowatts or less. It is designed to be of interest to homeowners and farmers as well as institutions, such as schools and places of worship but If you own rental properties it could work out for you as well. Watch the videos. Read the content… continue reading »

Crowd Funding Real Estate

You may have heard about people raising thousands or even millions of dollars for business ventures on sites like Kickstarter. Known as crowdfunding, it’s a concept now making its way into real estate circles, driven by the signing of the JOBS Act in 2012, which made it legal for companies to solicit funds from and promise equity to… continue reading »

An Option to purchase Real Estate Defined

An Option to purchase Real Estate is a contract between two parties giving the purchaser the exclusive right (without the obligation) to buy the property. During the term of the option no-one else can buy or sell the property including the owner. For accepting this obligation the seller received and keeps an option fee whether… continue reading »

How to choose a great property manager

FIRST make a list by doing a local search online. It is important to find someone who has the experience in the property market that your particular property is located in so include that information in your search. Arrange to meet the short list of property managers at their offices as this gives you a… continue reading »

My million dollar referral system made easy

If getting more referrals is your desired outcome referring others is the best tactic to employ. One strategy is to keep your file of friends and business associates close at hand. I like to keep my linkedIn connections available on my phone. This way their profile and their contact information is available and sending a… continue reading »

Why would you do an RTO (rent to own)

When you look at doing an RTO here are the main factors  you need to look at prior to going into it: – Will it Cash Flow? – Is it in a city with current and expected growth? – Does it look like the property will appreciate? – Can I turn around and easily sell… continue reading »

Telling your story like a pro

Telling your story like a pro  will result in more business. That’s why so many businesses are doing it. This video is a good example of a well done presentation. The voice over is professional, the content is engaging and the story is inspiring. Your story should contain these elements.

Job Offer Indeed

I find the same strategy used by many to pass their high school exams is applied in most job offers. Everyone copies their neighbors. Now I don’t suggest that is the most successful method of coming up with a job description but it helps to know what others are offering. Search the term “Property Manager”… continue reading »

Property Management Keyword Phrases you need to know about

Property Management Keyword Phrases are phrases used by potential clients looking for property management services. When someone in Barrie, Aurora, or Richmond Hill searches one of these terms we want to be there to respond. We want a chance to answer their questions and build a bridge they can cross to become a customer? The… continue reading »

Foreign real estate investment in Canada

Foreign real estate investment in Canada has become part of a global strategy for building wealth and security. Canadian real estate investing is much more than a market trend, it’s part of a global revolution. Real estate investment in Toronto, Ontario by foreign investors is driving prices beyond the reach of many but what they… continue reading »

Rent to own Auto business in Mattawa

Rent to own Auto business in Mattawa Turn Key Auto Repair Shop and Home #9, Earl’s Lake, Mattawa, On  Rent is reasonable Option to purchase negotiable Mortgage assistance available at time of purchase Two Bays hydraulic lift $400,000. Income potential Business already existing Owner retiring Office , home, 1800 square foot workshop and everything you need… continue reading »

How to become a great Landlord

Becoming a Landlord: How To Find a Good Tenant | Clark Howard Sep 26, 2014 – The key rule in real estate is obviously “location, location, location.” We have all heard that before. If becoming a landlord is in your future, you’ll … How to Find Tenants for Your Rental Property – The Balance… continue reading »

Rent to own plan for Millennials

8 in 10 Millennials Intend to Buy in the next 5 years providing an ocean of opportunity for rental property investors. There is just one big problem! According to ROBERT MCLISTER of Canadian Mortgage Trends …. About a third (34%) of millennials (Canadians born in the 80s and 90s) are homeowners, finds a new HSBC survey.Of those who… continue reading »

Rental Property Investing In Canada

This video was done a few years ago and things are always changing so what is the standard today? Let’s say you are buying a property with a basement suite, will the mortgage company lend you money against the potential income?

Worry Free Property Management

Nicole’s secret to prospering in the rental property business is to hire a great team to do the heavy lifting for you. RYIS PROPERTIES INC. If your property is vacant – we’ll find and place a tenant for you free of charge with a 12 month property management contract. We run the ads, take the… continue reading »

Passive income sounds great, right?

“Hello Robert, It’s Brian. Passive income sounds great, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to make money without working. Problem is… It’s a lie. In fact, 100% passive income doesn’t exist. For example, consider owning a real estate property and renting it out. On the surface, it seems fully “passive”. You just sit back and… continue reading »