Investor FAQ’s


Q1 My property is vacant and has been for almost a year. Now there are some repairs to do before we can rent it out. What can you do for us?

A1 If your property is vacant – we’ll find and place a tenant for you free of charge with a 12 month property management contract. We run the ads, take the calls and show the property, vet the renter and take care of the paperwork so you don’t have to.

Q2 Our property has a tenant that has been with us for years. We haven’t raised the rent for years. Now the property needs some work and we just aren’t up to it anymore. How can you help?

A2 If your property is already occupied – we’ll take the time to introduce ourselves to the occupant in person, do an initial property inspection and let you know of any concerns. We will make suggestions on needed repairs and provide an estimate of the investment required.

Q3 We have a problem tenant who we would like to see gone but we don’t have the time to deal with them and we can’t afford a lawyer. Can you help us?

A3 Absolutely. We can mediate a solution or begin the eviction process. We have legal assistance on call and we have the experience required to get the job done. It’s all part of the service Ryis Property Management provide.

Q4 We own several 37 unit apartment complexes. We’d like to liquidate these assets and find single family homes to invest in.We have been taking care of everything ourselves and it has become just to much for us.

A4 I understand perfectly and I would love to help. We can find buyers for your current investments, find new investment properties for you and then manage them. When would you like to get started?

Q5 There are lots of propery management companies to choose from. What makes your offer better than theirs?

A5  Good people who truly care are the key to success for any business and we have hired the very best. This makes our communications faster, our decision making process simpler and our response more appropriate for the clients needs.