I find the same strategy used by many to pass their high school exams is applied in most job offers. Everyone copies their neighbors. Now I don’t suggest that is the most successful method of coming up with a job description but it helps to know what others are offering.

Search the term “Property Manager” in the Indeed job search engine and you will see what other ¬†companies are offering, what skills and licences are required to apply and what they offer in return. If you are looking for someone long term consider ¬†describing the culture of the company. They need to fit in. If you don’t let people know right away what the culture is at your company they will make their own and you may not like it.

Keep in mind the team dynamic is going to change radically if you are all rock and roll and the newbie is electronic jazz.

Here are some ideas for job descriptions.  Indeed.

I searched Property Manager Aurora, Ontario to start. This is one of the most popular job banks or search engines there is. They have job postings posted to their site and they publish aggregated content collected from other job banks.

Your job offer posted here will get exposure. The response will depend on your offer. YOU NEED TO MAKE IT IRRESISTIBLE. want to be sure to hire the right person? Create an Avatar.