If getting more referrals is your desired outcome referring others is the best tactic to employ.

One strategy is to keep your file of friends and business associates close at hand. I like to keep my linkedIn connections available on my phone. This way their profile and their contact information is available and sending a link from one person the the next is fairly simple.

If the opportunity comes up during the course of my day to refer people to them I have no problem finding their contact information.

Three things happen.

  1. I point someone in the right direction and they are grateful.
  2. The person receiving the referral is grateful as well and I set the big wheel of “what goes around comes around” in motion.
  3. I get a referral in return. (not all the time and not right away but enough to make this a worthwhile strategy to set up.)

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Set up your profile on LinkedIn. (or have it done for you)
  2. Add your client list (or have it done for you)
  3. download the linkedIn App to your phone. (or have it done for you)

Now you have your million dollar Rolodex in your hand use it to build a million dollar referral system. Read the profiles, read and comment on posts they make. Engage in conversation and make referrals when ever you can. Be the person people refer because you not only provide a great service but you are a great connector and generous with your referrals.

I’m Bob Polan 

My business is helping you build yours.

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