“Hello Robert,

It’s Brian.

Passive income sounds great, right?

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make money without working.

Problem is…

It’s a lie.

In fact, 100% passive income doesn’t exist.

For example, consider owning a real estate property and renting it out.

On the surface, it seems fully “passive”.

You just sit back and collect your rent checks every month. Pretty easy, right?

But you have to do work to earn the money to buy the property. You have to put in time to find and buy it. You have to track down a tenent. You have to do regular maintenance on the building. And so on.

I’ve done a lot of real estate deals over the years.

They’re a ton of work when you’re first starting out.

I remember driving all over town on nights and weekends, talking to 100’s of grumpy homeowners, and even dumping my own sweat and labor into restoring properties.

Yes, eventually as you get more capital, you can start hiring other people and reducing your work load.

But it takes a lot of effort to get to that point.

And even then, you still have to spend some time managing things.

Or to give another example of what some might call “passive income”…

Take getting the income from your 401k once you retire. You have to work 4 DECADES at your job to get the cash benefits for that strategy. And after you retire, you still need to manage your portfolio.

The point is, truly “passive income” doesn’t exist.

I mean, if you could get rich doing nothing, then everyone would be rich already.

Here’s what you should focus on instead.

Acquiring assets that generate CASH-FLOW.

Maybe it’s a real estate property. Maybe it’s putting your money into Elevation Banking to generate guaranteed interest every year. Or maybe it’s a owning a business that you pays you from it’s profits.

Either way…

The point is that you do upfront WORK that you can gain the ongoing benefits from FOR LIFE.

Now some of you may be thinking.

Brian, what’s the big deal here? Aren’t you just arguing over terminology?

First of all, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like using the term passive income.

I’ve talked to a number of millionaires and billionaires. And basically all of them prefer to talk about their wealth in terms of cash-flow instead.

But here’s why the terms matter so much.

Saying “passive income” gives an inaccurate view of the wealth journey.

It makes people think that getting rich is easy and doesn’t take work or effort… or that if they just find the right “trick”, they’ll magically become wealthy.

This actually blocks a lot of folks from creating financial freedom.

They end up just hopping from one get rich quick scheme to the next. They never actually invest in getting the knowledge or strategies for creating real wealth.

Saying “cash-flow assets” also makes it clear what you need to focus on.

If you tell someone to get passive income, what are they supposed to do next?

But if you tell them to buy or build assets that generate ongoing cash-flow… it’s obvious what the rough strategy is.

So, this raises the big question…

What’s YOUR strategy for acquiring cash-flow assets? Do you have one? What assets are you currently working on buying or building?

Brian Fouts
Co-Owner, The Elevation Group

At Ryis Property management one of the best cash flow assets we know of is rental properties. As mortgages are paid down over time by the renter and inflation drives market values up your assets increase in value with little involvement on your part.

When you hire Ryis Property Management to consult on your purchase or manage the property for you you mitigate the risk of property damage through neglect and keep tenants happy.