Property Management Keyword Phrases are phrases used by potential clients looking for property management services. When someone in Barrie, Aurora, or Richmond Hill searches one of these terms we want to be there to respond. We want a chance to answer their questions and build a bridge they can cross to become a customer?

The way to do this is by creating good content that includes the keyword phrases your customer is searching, then publish it in such a way that the search engines see it as valuable information they can provide to their customers. Google , Yahoo and Bing all have a way to measure the value of content based length of content, structure and keyword density as well as originality and a number of other factors.

Here are some of the questions your potential customers are asking.
Providing the best possible answer to these questions can put you at the top of the page of the major search engines leading to exposure, engagement and conversion of strangers to customers.

Copy and paste these questions into a search engine. You will be surprised at what you find. I asked Google:


  • Who is the best Multi-Residential Property Management firm in Barrie Ontario?
  • Is “Risk Management” part of the property management business?
  • I need to raise my rents. Who can I get to do my “Tenant Negotiations”?
  • I just bought a residential property I plan to rent out but I don’t have the time to show it to everyone and I don’t know how to make sure they are going to be a good renter.  Who can do “Tenant Placement” for me?
  • I want to build an apartment in my basement to help pay the mortgage. Does your property management firm do Project Management, Design Management, Construction Monitoring, Final Project Close Out?
  • I want to understand the impact adding an apartment will have on my property tax. Does your company do “Property Tax Consulting”?
  • Does your property management company provide “Highest & Best Use, Asset & Portfolio Management”?
  • I have a large commercial property just north of  Toronto, Ontario on hwy 48. It was a car dealership at one time, the building stood empty for a couple of years then was rented out until the building burned down. Now I’m dealing with the insurance company and they want to know if  I want to replace the building that was there or build something else? Does your company do    Feasibility Analysis, Acquisition Strategies, Competitive Assessment, Project Budgeting/Scheduling?
  • I’ve just bought a duplex in the dog patch that is already rented out. Now the tenants are complaining about the building’s condition. How do I handle the “Tenant Improvements” ?
  • I’m looking for an “Industrial, Commercial property management company to manage my buildings. Can you recommend someone?

We are going to create some of that content and publish it to your blog. We will start with a power point presentation of these questions, record your answers on video and publish both written and video responses.