Nicole’s secret to prospering in the rental property business is to hire a great team to do the heavy lifting for you.


If your property is vacant – we’ll find and place a tenant for you free of charge with a 12 month property management contract. We run the ads, take the calls and show the property, vet the renter and take care of the paperwork so you don’t have to.

If your property is already occupied – we’ll take the time to introduce ourselves to the occupant in person, do an initial property inspection and let you know of any concerns.

Got a problem tenant? Let us help mediate a solution or begin the eviction process. It’s all part of the service Ryis Property Management provide.

Interested in finding another investment property, scaling up your business or selling a property you own? We are here for you! Let us know your plans and we can help make them happen.

Garry Hibbert with Smart Home Choice Inc. Interviewed Nicole recently as an expert on property investment and management. If you are an investor you may find this very enlightening.

What we covered on this Podcast:

– Should you get a property manager or do this on your own
– What to look for when searching for a property manager
– Screening tenants and avoid tenants from hell
– What you should do every year with your investment properties
– Simple tips to avoid professional tenants
– How much should a property manager cost
– The eviction process and how it works
– Should you do credit checks on your new tenant
– The importance of treating investing like a business
– How to take the emotions out of investing
– How long should it take to fill your property